Create Your Own Crochet Phone Pouch: Step-by-Step Instructions

Discover the charm of handcrafting with this easy-to-follow Crochet mobile phone case guide, perfect for creating a unique crochet phone case or crochet phone pouch.

This guide, inspired by the detailed tutorial from TubaCrochet’s YouTube channel, will walk you through the process of creating a stylish and functional phone case, ideal for beginners and seasoned crocheters alike.

Introduction to Materials and Basic Techniques

To start, you’ll need three colors of cotton thread and a number 3 crochet hook. The beauty of this project lies in its simplicity and the creative freedom it offers. Specifically, the use of basic crochet techniques like chain stitch and double crochet makes this pattern accessible for all skill levels.

Starting Your Crochet Phone Case

Firstly, begin by chaining 20, then add 3 more chains. This forms the foundation of your phone case. Double crochet into the chain spaces, continuing until the end of the row. In total, you should have 22 double crochets, including the starting chain. This step is crucial as it sets the base for your phone case’s size.

Building the Pattern

As you progress, continue with double crochets, creating a total of 40 in the next row. To illustrate, after completing a row, chain 3 and turn your work to start the next row. This pattern creates a textured and sturdy fabric, perfect for protecting your phone. Furthermore, the repetitive nature of the stitches offers a relaxing crafting experience.

Adding Color and Finishing Touches

After reaching the desired size, switch colors to add visual interest. For instance, you might start with white, then add rows in green and pink, finishing again with white. This color change technique adds a playful and personalized touch to your phone case. Finally, single crochet around the edges for a neat finish.

Crafting the Cover

To create the cover, pay attention to the middle and side parts of your work. Reduce stitches on the right and left to achieve a triangular shape, perfect for the flap of the phone case. This part requires a bit more attention but adds a professional touch to your finished product.

Encouraging Further Learning

For a more comprehensive understanding and visual guidance, I highly recommend watching the full tutorial on TubaCrochet’s YouTube channel. Their step-by-step approach makes learning enjoyable and easy to follow.


In conclusion, this crochet phone case pattern is not only a practical project but also a delightful way to express your creativity. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this pattern offers something for everyone. Remember, the joy of handcrafting is in the journey as much as in the finished product.

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