Crochet rectangular tablecloth, runner pattern

Tablecloths and runner are important pieces that adorn our home furniture. Sometimes we buy them from stores, and other times we prefer to crochet them ourselves. The pattern for a simple crochet tablecloth is easy and quick to make.

You can also make a crochet shawl or scarf using suitable yarns from this pattern.

Easy crochet runner pattern: You can make a chain in the length you desire for your runner. In this pattern, only double crochet stitches are used. The pattern consists of groups of double crochet stitches and V stitches. The tablecloth is crocheted as a single piece. After completing the tablecloth, add a crochet border to the short sides as desired.

The brand of yarn used in the rectangular tablecloth is Leydi Yarn Twist Uçan. The pattern has been explained step by step by @hobisever, a beginner crochet tutorial, on their YouTube channel. You can watch the video by clicking on the link below.”

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