A handbag is one of the most important accessories that women don’t part with in any season. Users have been offered many different options. Instead of buying expensive bags from stores, you can crochet your own bags at home.

You can start by crocheting the easy crochet bag pattern for beginners in this article. Let’s take a look at the content of the article:

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The yarn brand and specifications used in the Yellow Rectangular Summer Bag Pattern are as follows:
Pupets braided cotton macrame yarn (crochet and knitting cotton)
250 gr – 250 m – 2 mm thickness
The bag was crocheted with a 7/10 – 4 mm hook
Bag dimensions: 21 cm x 24 cm

You can use different accessories for the bag strap and flap according to your preference.
The bag is started with 29 chains and the base of the bag is crocheted first. After reaching the desired bag base width, you can move on to setting up the pattern. After reaching the desired length and width of the bag, you can attach the bag accessories.

For a detailed explanation of the beginner crochet project, you can visit the @hobisever YouTube channel.

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