Free Crochet Flower Pillow Pattern – Step by Step Guide

Are you ready to add a burst of floral charm to your home décor? This crochet flower pillow is a delightful project that combines the joy of crochet with the beauty of nature. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or a complete beginner, this step by step pattern will guide you through creating a stunning handmade piece. Imagine sinking into your sofa and feeling the comforting texture of your very own crochet flower pillow!

This pattern is considered beginner friendly. The finished pillow makes a beautiful statement piece for beds, couches, or even a cozy reading nook. Let’s get started!

Why a Crochet Flower Pillow?

  • Beginner friendly: If you’re new to crochet, this is a great starting point. Simple stitches and a clear pattern mean success!
  • Customizable: Choose colors that match your style for a truly unique piece.
  • Handmade touch: Nothing beats the warmth of something you’ve made yourself.
  • Perfect gift: A crochet flower pillow is a thoughtful, personalized present.

Let’s Get Started!

Crochet Flower Pillow Materials: What You’ll Need

  • Yarn: Medium weight yarn works best. I recommend acrylic for its softness and durability. Choose your favorite colors for petals, centers, and the pillow base.
  • Crochet Hook: A size suitable for your yarn. (Check the yarn label for recommendations)
  • Scissors: For cutting yarn.
  • Yarn Needle: To weave in ends and attach flowers
  • Stitch Marker (Optional): To mark the beginning of rounds

Crocheting the Flowers: Step by Step Pattern

Before we start, here are some basic crochet terms for beginners:

  • Chain Stitch (ch): The foundation of most crochet patterns.
  • Single Crochet (sc): A basic, versatile stitch.
  • Slip Stitch (sl st): Used for joining rounds or moving across stitches.
  • Magic Ring: A starting technique for working in the round.

Flower Pattern:

  1. Magic Ring: Create an adjustable loop.
  2. Round 1: Ch 2, work 12 sc into the magic ring, sl st to join the first and last sc. (12 sc)
  3. Round 2 (Increase Round): Ch 2, sc in the next st, 2 sc in the next st repeat around, sl st to join. (18 sc) Increase Note: This is the key round for shaping the flower petals. The 2 sc in each designated stitch will create a small “bump” that forms the base of the petal.
  4. Round 3 (Increase Round): Ch 2, sc in the next 2 sts, 2 sc in the next st repeat around, sl st to join. (24 sc)
  5. Round 4 (Increase Round): Ch 2, sc in the next 3 sts, 2 sc in the next st repeat around, sl st to join. (30 sc)
  6. Round 5 (Increase Round): Ch 2, sc in the next 4 sts, 2 sc in the next st repeat around, sl st to join. (36 sc)
  7. Round 6 (Hold Here for Round Petal Shape): Ch 2, sc in each of the next 5 sts, 2 sc in the next st repeat around, sl st to join. (42 sc)

Shaping Note: Rounds 6 and onwards will maintain the same number of stitches (42 sc in this case) to create a defined petal shape. If you prefer a more rounded flower, continue increasing for a few more rounds before holding the stitch count.

Rounds 7-10 (Hold): Ch 2, work 42 sc around, sl st to join. (42 sc)

Descending Rows for Petal Points:

We will now decrease stitches in designated spots to create pointed petals.

  1. Round 11 (Decrease Round): Ch 2, sc in the next 3 sts, sl st in the next 2 sc repeat around, sl st to join. (36 sc)
  2. Round 12 (Decrease Round): Ch 2, sc in the next 2 sts, sl st in the next 2 sc repeat around, sl st to join. (30 sc)
  3. Round 13 (Decrease Round): Ch 2, sc in the next st, sl st in the next 2 sc repeat around, sl st to join. (24 sc)

Finishing Touches:

  1. Fasten off: Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Weave the tail through the back loops of the last round to secure and hide.
  2. Center: Using contrasting yarn, create a small circle with a magic ring and 6 sc. Sew this securely to the center of the flower using your yarn needle and a weaving motion.

Repeat steps 1-10 to create additional flowers for your pillow.

Assembling Your Crochet Flower Pillow

  1. Pillow Base: Create two simple crochet squares or rectangles to the size you want your pillow. Use a single crochet stitch for a sturdy base.
  2. Attaching Flowers: Arrange your flowers on one pillow square. Sew them securely in place using your yarn needle.
  3. Joining and Stuffing: With right sides facing, join the two pillow squares using a single crochet stitch around the edges, leaving a gap for stuffing. Fill with polyfill or your preferred stuffing material. Sew the opening closed.

Customizing Your Crochet Flower Pillow: Color & Design Ideas

The beauty of this project lies in its versatility! Experiment with:

  • Vibrant Color Schemes: Bold or pastel – the choice is yours!
  • Flower Variations: Play with different petal counts or add textured stitches.
  • Pillow Shapes: Create round, heart shaped, or even star shaped pillows.

Crochet Flower Pillow Care and Inspiration

To keep your pillow looking its best, hand wash it with gentle detergent and lay flat to dry. For more inspiration, browse crochet patterns online or explore creative crochet communities on social media.

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If you enjoyed creating this crochet flower pillow, here are some other projects you might love:

Watch, Learn, and Share! This pattern was inspired by the talented @k_lub_ok on YouTube. Check out her channel ([]) for this tutorial and many more amazing crochet ideas. Don’t forget to share your own crochet flower pillow creations on Instagram (@tubacrochet_) and TikTok (@tubacrochet). Let’s build a community of crochet lovers!

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