This article is for beginners looking for a simple crochet pattern for an American placemat. Anyone can make an easy and beautiful beginner’s crochet American placemat in green, white, and sparkly gold. I’m sure this round crochet pattern will add a stylish touch to your dining table. You can also make this pattern as a crochet pillow, crochet tablecloth, crochet bathroom mat, crochet rug, crochet coaster, or crochet pot holder.
• How to crochet a round shape
• How to crochet an American placemat
• How to crochet an American placemat
• What are the measurements for a crochet American placemat?
• Crochet American placemat tutorials
• How to use yarn to crochet an American placemat
• What size crochet hook is used for an American placemat pattern?
• What should be the color combination for a round placemat crochet pattern?
We will answer these questions. The diameter of the circle in the crochet placemat pattern is 31 cm and it consists of 18 rows. The free crochet pattern for an American placemat is mostly made using double crochet. Start by making a magic ring.
Make 12 double crochet stitches into the magic ring with 1 chain between each stitch. Then follow the color sequence below:
First 4 rows – white
1 row – gold
4 rows – green
1 row – gold
4 rows – white
1 row – gold
2 rows – green
(1st row: 1 chain and 1 single crochet. 2nd row: 1 double crochet and 1 single crochet) Finally, create a border with gold.
The yarn used for this beginner’s crochet pattern is Alize Cotton Gold Tur. Use a 2mm crochet hook for a firm placemat or a 2.5mm crochet hook for this pattern. If you want to increase the diameter of the circle, you can increase the number of chains in each row. You can also make a matching crochet coaster from the same pattern. For this, you only need to crochet the first 4 rows. Instead of the gold sparkly yarn used in between, you can also use silver sparkly yarn. For a detailed explanation of the pattern, you can visit the @tubacrochet YouTube crochet tutorial.

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