How to Crochet a Cat Bed House – Free Crochet Cat Bed Pattern

Handmade Haven: Your Crochet Cat Bed Project

Picture your beloved cat curled up in a haven of softness, a house crafted especially for them. This crochet cat bed pattern is surprisingly beginner friendly and results in a sturdy, spacious abode your cat will adore. Whether they’re playful or prefer long naps, this DIY project is a wonderful way to show your pet some love.

Crochet Cat Bed Supplies: What You’ll Need

Before we dive in, let’s gather our supplies:

  • Yarn: ALTYN knitting yarn is ideal, but any bulky yarn will work. Choose a color that complements your décor! (Approximately 6 skeins)
  • Crochet Hooks: Sizes 8 and 6
  • Embroidery Hoop: 24.5 cm diameter
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • Marker (optional)

Crochet Cat Bed Base: The Foundation of Comfort

Starting with your hoop and size 8 hook, we’ll create a sturdy base. Even crochet beginners will find this part straightforward:

  • Stretching the Yarn: This trick makes the yarn easier to work with.
  • Basic Stitch: We’ll use the single crochet (sc) for the foundation.
  • Following the Pattern: The written pattern below details each step.

Building the Walls: Crochet Cat Bed Structure Techniques

Once the base is complete, we’ll switch to a size 6 hook and build those cozy walls! Here’s where your crochet skills start to shine:

  • Increases (inc): These add stitches to widen the base as the walls rise.
  • Working in Rounds: We’ll crochet in a continuous spiral.

Crochet Cat Bed Base: The Foundation of Comfort

Let’s start with the base – the most important part of this crochet cat house pattern!

  1. Prep Your Yarn: Stretch each strand of the yarn well to improve stiffness and ease of crocheting.
  2. The Magic Circle: Begin with a simple magic circle using two strands of yarn and your size 8 hook.
  3. Row 1: Chain 3 (counts as the first double crochet), then work 59 double crochets into the circle. Join with a slip stitch.
  4. Row 2: Work single crochets (sc) into each stitch around, inserting your hook deep within the previous row for a sturdy base.

Building the Walls: Crochet Cat Bed Structure Techniques


  1. Prep Your Yarn: Before starting, take each strand of yarn and stretch it gently to improve stiffness and crocheting ease.
  2. Magic Circle: Using your size 8 hook and two strands of yarn held together, create a magic circle.
  3. Round 1: Chain 3 (counts as the first single crochet), then work 59 single crochets into the magic circle. Join with a slip stitch to the first chain 3 to close the round.

Now we build upwards, giving your cat bed its shape:


  1. Round 2: Change to your size 6 hook. Work one single crochet into each stitch around. Insert your hook under both vertical loops of the previous row’s single crochets for a sturdy base. Join with a slip stitch to the first single crochet.
  2. Rounds 3-18: Continue working single crochets in each stitch around.
  3. Increases: In Rounds 3, 5, 7, and potentially additional rounds (refer to video for placement), strategically work increases to expand the sides of the cat bed house.
    • Increase Note: To increase, crochet two single crochets into a single stitch from the previous round.

Shaping the Entrance: Decreases for the Perfect Cat Bed

Time to create that welcoming entrance for your kitty:

·  Round 19: Work single crochets in each stitch around. Join with a slip stitch.

·  Rounds 20-32: Here’s where the entrance is shaped! Begin working decreases at designated points around the round (refer to video for placement). You can use a marker to mark the last stitch you worked a decrease in, ensuring even spacing. Continue working single crochets in between decreases. Join with a slip stitch.

·  Round 33: Work significant decreases strategically around the round to close the top of the entrance. You can use the video as a guide, but remember, consistency is key! Join with a slip stitch and weave in the yarn end.

Finishing Your Crochet Cat Bed: Adding Personal Touches

Weave in Ends: Using your yarn needle, neatly weave in all remaining yarn ends.


·  Lining: For added comfort, add a soft cushion or a plush blanket inside the cat bed house.

·  Color Changes: Feel free to experiment with different yarn colors to create a unique design!


Watch the video tutorial by @nitkakz on YouTube for visual guidance on stitch placement and overall shaping:

Share your creations on Instagram (@tubacrochet_) and TikTok ( and join our online crochet community!

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This crochet cat bed house is a wonderful way to show your cat some love while honing your crochet skills. With its spacious design and sturdy construction, your cat will be purring with delight in no time!

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