Master the Granny Stitch : Crochet Wide Leg Pants Pattern

If you’re ready to dive into a fun and satisfying crochet project, look no further! These wide leg crochet pants are a fantastic way to embrace the retro charm of the classic granny stitch while creating a statement making, comfortable garment. Plus, this pattern is perfect for both beginners and more experienced crocheters looking for a relaxing and customizable make.

The Granny Stitch: A Crochet Classic Pants

The granny stitch, with its clusters of double crochet stitches and airy spaces, forms a beautiful texture. It’s incredibly versatile, making it an ideal choice for projects like blankets, cardigans, and, of course, these unique pants.

Gather Your Supplies

Before we begin, here’s what you’ll need to turn this vision into reality:

  • Yarn: Choose a DK or light worsted weight yarn. Since this project will use a fair amount, it’s perfect for upcycling yarn scraps! Experiment with different colors and textures for a truly one of a kind creation.
  • Crochet Hook: A hook appropriate for your yarn weight (check the label).
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle: For weaving in those yarn ends neatly.
  • Stitch Markers (optional): These can help you keep track of the beginning and end of rows, especially if you’re a beginner.

The Basics: Understanding the Granny Stitch

If you’re new to crochet or need a refresher, the classic granny stitch is easy to learn:

  1. Chain: Begin with a chain (ch) that is a multiple of 3, plus 1.
  2. Cluster: Double crochet (dc) 3 times into the 4th chain from your hook. Chain 1.
  3. Space: Skip 2 stitches, then dc 3 times into the next chain followed by a chain 1.
  4. Repeat: Continue the pattern across your row.

Crochet Pants Pattern Notes:

  • This pattern is a basic guide and can be customized for size and style preferences.
  • The pattern creates straight-leg pants. You can modify it for a tapered fit by decreasing stitches in the later rows.
  • The instructions assume you’re familiar with basic crochet techniques like double crochet (dc), chain (ch), and slip stitch (sl st).

Let’s Get Started!

Simple Double Crochet: Building the Foundation

We’ll start with a basic double crochet foundation to provide stability and structure before moving into the granny stitch pattern.

1. Foundation Chain

Chain a multiple of 3 stitches, plus 1. The number of chains will determine the starting width of your pants at the hips. It’s best to start a bit larger and adjust later if needed.

2. Double Crochet Rows (optional):

Work 2-3 rows in double crochet (dc) across all chains. Chain 2 at the end of each row to turn your work. This creates a sturdy base for the granny stitch.

Introducing the Granny Stitch

Row 1 (Right Side):

  1. Dc in the 4th chain from your hook.
  2. Chain 2.
  3. Dc 2 times in the same space.
  4. Skip 2 chains.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 across the entire row.
  6. Chain 3 (counts as the first dc of your next cluster) and turn.

Row 2 (Wrong Side):

  1. Dc in the space between the first two clusters from the previous row.
  2. Chain 2.
  3. Dc 2 times in the same space.
  4. Skip 3 dc’s from the previous row.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 across the entire row.
  6. Chain 3 and turn.

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until your pants reach your desired length from waist to ankle.

Customizing the Fit

  1. Shaping: If you’d like a tapered fit, you can decrease the number of clusters by a few in each row as you move down the legs.
  2. Measurements: Since this is a custom fit pattern, try on your pants periodically to ensure the width and length suit you!

Adding Your Personal Touch

  • Colors: Go bold with vibrant stripes, a single statement shade, or mix and match leftover yarn for a unique look.
  • Finishing Touches: Consider adding an edging with a smaller hook or a contrasting color around the waistband and leg openings for an extra touch of polish.

Shaping for a Tapered Fit (Optional):

If you prefer a more fitted leg, you can gradually decrease the number of clusters in each row as you move down the legs. Here’s a suggestion:

  • Start decreasing a few rows before you reach your desired length.
  • At the end of a row, after working the last cluster, skip the last two chain spaces before turning your work. This will eliminate one cluster in the next row.
  • Continue decreasing by skipping the last chain spaces at the end of the row at consistent intervals (e.g., every other row, every third row) until you reach your desired leg width.

Written Pattern: Wide Leg Crochet Pants

  • Foundation: Chain until desired hip circumference, then work several rows in dc.
  • Granny Stitch: Follow the basic pattern, working into the spaces of the previous row.
  • Shaping (Optional): Decrease by a few clusters in each row for a tapered leg.
  • Continue until your desired length is reached.

Tips and Inspiration

  • Check your gauge: It’s smart to crochet a quick test swatch to check your tension before starting.
  • Need help? Check out the fantastic tutorial by @KenikseCrochet on YouTube for visual guidance:
  • Share your progress! Tag @tubacrochet_ on Instagram or to connect with other crocheters and show off your work.

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Happy Crocheting!

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