There is a beautiful saying that has been passed down from the past to the present. Do you know it? Keep your feet warm and your head cool. Yes, especially in winter, we should keep our babies’ feet warm to protect them from illness.

The most important part of baby clothing is baby footwear; crocheted baby shoes and crocheted baby booties. It is quite easy and low cost to make crocheted baby shoes. In this article:

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Let’s learn together.

Easy and beautiful beginner crocheted baby shoe pattern is suitable for 0-6 month old babies.

The crocheted shoe for girls consists of 2 colors. You can adapt different color combinations. And you can also make a crocheted shoe for boys.

The process of crocheting baby booties is very simple. Even beginners can make it. There are just some rules and tips to pay attention to.

When making knitted baby shoes, it is appropriate to use a 2.5 mm crochet hook. You will need 2 different colors. (You can use leftover yarn at home.)

When knitting the wavy baby shoes, you should use baby yarns with anti-pilling properties or cotton yarns. The number of chains specified in the baby bootie pattern can be reduced to make newborn baby booties.

The beginner crocheted baby shoe pattern is made by single crochet only. Change the color every 2 rows. The pattern repeats itself every 4 rows.

While the eyelet and sole sections in the bootie pattern are made of 2 colors, the throat section is made of a single color.

You can make the throat section shorter or longer by changing the number of single crochets.

In the free crocheted baby bootie pattern section, you can visit the @tubacrochet youtube channel which has many videos. They also explain this crocheted shoe pattern on the crocheted baby booties youtube channel with written instructions, step by step. Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles while watching the free baby shoe crochet pattern. Enjoy watching…

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