Simple Crochet Hexagon Granny Square Bag

Bags are one of the most important accessories that women don’t separate from, whether it’s summer or winter. Crochet bags with different designs are being presented to us every day. You can gift the decorative bags you make to your loved ones or even make money from them. There are many YouTube crochet tutorial channels and Instagram pages that teach us how to make these beautiful bags.

Different yarns of various thicknesses and crochet hooks are used to make crochet bags. The hexagon pattern for this bag consists of granny square motifs. Alize cotton gold yarns have been used, with approximately 7 different color combinations designed. It is crocheted with a 3mm hook.

In the process of making a crochet bag, hexagon motifs are made first. The motifs specified in the bag’s diagram are joined together according to the rules. In the final step, the bag’s handle is made. If desired, fabric linings can be sewn inside the bag. For a step-by-step tutorial on making the bag, you can contact @balim_orguevi. You can place an order or purchase it.

Source: @balim_orguevi

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