This article is an easy crochet design for beginners looking for crochet projects. Even beginners can make the Simple Crochet Scarf pattern suitable for beginner crochet projects. While crocheting the Beginner Crochet Shawl Pattern, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • How to start Crochet Projects?
  • How to Crochet a Triangle?
  • How to Crochet a Triangle Shawl?
  • How to Crochet a Triangle Scarf?
  • How to Crochet a Free Scarf Pattern Step by Step Tutorials?
  • Crochet Accessories for Easy Crochet Shawl Patterns
  • Crochet Hook Number Used in Simple Crochet Scarf Pattern
  • How to Use Yarn for a Free Crochet Scarf Pattern?

The Glittery Crochet Triangle Shawl Pattern consists of two rows of repeats. In one row, knots are made side by side. In the other row, a single crochet is made on both wings of the knot made. After completing each pattern consisting of 2 rows, the pattern rises upwards from the right, left and middle. The Shawl Pattern is similar to the shuttle picture. The application of the border on the Scarf Crochet Pattern is also quite simple. After making the shawl pattern, you can apply different Crochet Border Patterns according to your preference. Materials required for the Easy and Free Crochet Triangle Scarf Pattern:
• 2 packs of 100 gr Alize Glittery Shawl Yarn Orange color (the number of threads may vary depending on the size you want to make)
• 2 mm crochet hook Different brands and thicknesses of yarn can be used while knitting the shawl pattern. Don’t forget to use a crochet hook number suitable for the thickness of the yarn. It will also be beautiful when knitted with batik yarn with self-color transitions. You can watch this pattern on the Simple Crochet Tutorial @tubacrochet youtube channel. The YouTuber has explained the shawl pattern step by step. Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles while watching the video. Enjoy watching…

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