Crochet granny squares, which our grandmothers used to make, are still very trendy. The only difference is that modern patterns are more colorful. They continue to be preferred by everyone and are used in various crochet projects. The reason is clear, isn’t it?
Crochet granny square motifs can be joined together or made as a single piece, according to your preference.
You can make crochet baby blankets, crochet bedspreads, crochet pillows, crochet decorative cushions, crochet runners, crochet tablecloths, crochet placemats, crochet rugs with crochet squares.
The necessary materials for the simple crochet granny square pattern for beginners are:

  • Lady Yarn Baby Touch Cotton yarn
  • 3 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors

The pattern starts with a magic ring and consists of 7 rows. 4 different colors are used. You can adjust the color combination and sequence as you wish.
For some tips and tricks on the crochet square pattern, you can visit the @hobisever YouTube channel. The simple crochet tutorial explains the pattern step by step.

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