Step-by-Step Crochet Shoulder Bag Pattern Guide: Create a MacrameMasterpiece

Discover the art of creating a stylish crochet macrame bag with our crochet shoulder bag tutorial. Perfect for beginners, this guide covers the macrame bag pattern and techniques to craft an emerald green crochet shoulder bag.

Embark on a creative journey with our crochet shoulder bag tutorial, perfect for crafting a trendy macrame bag. This guide, inspired by the TubaCrochet YouTube channel, will walk you through making an emerald green crochet bag, adorned with gold buttons and a choice of handles, including a knitted option. Ideal for beginners, this tutorial simplifies the process into manageable steps, ensuring a fun and rewarding experience.

Materials and Preparation

To start, you’ll need satin macrame thread and a 3 mm crochet hook. Begin by making 35 chains, ensuring they are not too tight. The number of chains should be odd, tailored to the desired size of your crochet purse. This initial step sets the foundation for your macrame hand bag.

Crochet Technique and Pattern

The pattern involves a series of slip stitches and single crochets, creating a unique texture. Work from the back of the loops to add depth to the design. The pattern is repetitive, making it easy to follow and perfect for those new to crochet macrame bag making.

Building the Bag

Continue the pattern to achieve the desired height of your crochet bag purse. The tutorial demonstrates a bag with dimensions of 13 cm on the short side and 35 cm on the long side. This macrame bag easy approach allows for customization in size and shape.

Finishing Touches

Once the body of the bag is complete, you can add a cover flap as large or small as you prefer. Sew the edges for a neat finish, and attach the handles. For a secure closure, add a button, ensuring it fits through your crocheted loop.

Encouragement to Watch and Learn

For a more comprehensive understanding, viewers are encouraged to watch the full tutorial on the TubaCrochet YouTube channel. The video here offers step-by-step guidance, making the process even more accessible.

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