Beginner’s Guide: Crochet for Beginners Granny Square Motifs Made Easy

Embark on a creative journey with granny square crochet, as we unravel the secrets of timeless granny square patterns and the art of crochet granny square crafting.

This article, inspired by the Tuba Crochet YouTube channel, guides you through the enchanting world of granny squares, perfect for beginners and seasoned crocheters alike.

Introduction to Granny Squares

Granny squares, a cornerstone of crochet, offer endless possibilities for creative expression. These squares can transform into various items, such as motifs, bed covers, baby blankets, decorative pillow cases, and bags. The beauty of granny squares lies in their simplicity and versatility, making them ideal for DIY projects.

Starting Your Granny Square

The journey begins with a magic circle, a fundamental technique in crochet. Specifically, you’ll draw 3 chains and make 6 triple crochets into the magic ring space. This forms the foundation of your granny square, setting the stage for intricate patterns to come.

Building the Pattern

As you progress, you’ll turn the pattern and work on creating clusters of crochets. For instance, after making 3 chains, you’ll turn and take 2 stitches from the inside of the 2nd space. This step-by-step approach gradually builds up the square, showcasing the handmade charm of crochet.

Color Transition and Technique

Furthermore, the art of granny square crochet allows for seamless color transitions. You’ll switch colors, fastening the yarn to any of the 5 chain spaces created. This adds a vibrant and dynamic aspect to your creation. Moreover, techniques like the sliding technique are used to close gaps, illustrating the intricacy of crochet work.

Final Touches and Variations

In the final stages, you’ll continue with different colors, adding layers and textures to your square. The pattern involves double crochets and single crochets, each contributing to the overall aesthetic. The folds on the edge will disappear in the upper rows, giving a neat finish to your work.

Encouraging Further Exploration

For a more comprehensive understanding and visual guide, visit the Tuba Crochet YouTube channel at “” and watch the detailed tutorial at ““. This video will enhance your learning experience, providing you with practical insights into the world of crochet.


In conclusion, square crochet is an easy, enjoyable, and fulfilling craft. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, the journey of creating a granny square is both rewarding and inspiring. So, grab your crochet hook and yarn, and start your adventure in granny square crafting today!

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