Create Your Own Style with Easy Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Discover the joy of making your own Crochet Fingerless Gloves with our easy-to-follow Knit Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern; a perfect start for those new to Knit Fingerless Gloves.

This tutorial, featured on the TubaCrochet YouTube channel, offers a simple yet elegant pattern, ideal for beginners and seasoned crocheters alike.

Materials and Setup

To begin, you’ll need baby wool with Himalaya antipilling feature and a 3.5 mm crochet hook. Start by creating 45 chains; this number determines the length of your glove. However, you can adjust the number of chains to fit your size preferences. Specifically, for a snug fit, measure around your hand and adjust the chain length accordingly.

Crochet Technique

The primary technique used in this pattern is the half double crochet. After making your initial chain, add two more chains (45+2) for turning. Then, work a half double crochet into the third chain from the hook and each chain across. This forms the foundation row of your glove.

Building the Glove

Continue with half double crochets, taking the back loop only for each stitch. This creates a ribbed texture, giving the gloves a snug fit and stylish look. After completing 26 rows, or as many as needed for your arm width, you’ll have the main body of the glove. Remember, the width can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of rows.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve crocheted two identical pieces, each measuring 19 cm in length and width, it’s time to sew them together. Leave an opening for the thumb, which can be adjusted to fit comfortably. Sew the sides together, and voilĂ , your Crochet Fingerless Gloves are ready!

Encouraging Viewers

For a more comprehensive understanding and visual guidance, I highly recommend watching the full tutorial on TubaCrochet’s YouTube channel. This video will not only illustrate the process but also provide helpful tips and tricks to perfect your gloves.


In conclusion, these Crochet Fingerless Gloves are not only a practical accessory for the colder months but also a wonderful project for those looking to enhance their crochet skills. With this step-by-step guide, even beginners can create something beautiful and functional. So grab your hooks and yarn, and let’s start crocheting!

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